Friday, June 29, 2007

Some Sad News - and Dublin

My beautiful wee cat isn't pregnant. I took her to the vet's today (with much meowing and looking forlorn in her cat carrier) and he said she'd probably absorbed her kitties back into her body. He said it was unusual for a female cat to reach 3 years old and not have had a litter so there must be a problem with her. We came home and had some girl time cuddling on the couch until she felt happy again.Happier news - I'm off to Dublin tomorrow to meet my husband, who is flying in from Milan tomorrow night and then has two days off before the next gig. I'll arrive before him and settle myself into the hotel, which has a pool and sauna. The dilemma is, what do I take to do on the plane? Will I get knitting needles on? Or should I do some crochet? Or read? Or write? I haven't been anywhere for ages though so I'm looking forward to it. Meg is being looked after by Karen who likes cats so I'm sure they'll be fine.
Our friend Rik is the sound engineer for Iggy and the Stooges, so I was very excited to watch (from the comfort of my own living room) Iggy playing Glastonbury last Saturday night. It was an amazing gig; Iggy has so much energy, and I loved when he invited the front of the audience onto the stage. It reminded me of gigs my husband's band do, when the music is so energising that people from the audience climb onto the stage, and then stage-dive back in. I love when music uplifts and transcends and people are spontaneous. I wonder which shampoo Iggy uses? His hair looks so silky.

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