Sunday, June 17, 2007

Thunder and The Kitchen Table Microcosm

This has been our weather for the past few days. Torrential rain, thunder and lightning. I went into town yesterday morning and it was clear blue sky when I left. Then I was sitting in a cafe having lunch when the rain started hammering on the roof and bouncing off the pavement.

Today I'm planning to tidy up the house for Hagos coming home!! There isn't much to do but when I came down for breakfast this morning and looked at the kitchen table I thought it said a lot about how I've been living this last week: Material and sewing machine to make skirts; Oxygen and The Memory Keeper's Daughter; yesterday's Guardian; a present from a friend; receipts to sort; magazines and books stacked at the end of the table for reference; a manuscript of a book another friend is writing; and satsumas to have with porridge for breakfast.

It sums up how I spend my time. The table would have had a ginger cat on it too if she hadn't been out hunting.

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