Wednesday, July 04, 2007


This was me about five minutes after getting to the hotel in Dublin. I love hotel 'stuff'. My husband laughs at me getting so excited about it. I arrived in Dublin early afternoon and made my own way to the hotel (I was determined to get there without using a taxi, so I got the bus from the airport into Dublin then wandered around with a vague map looking for the hotel). I dropped my case off at the hotel and then went into town and did a bit of shopping.

Of course, the most exciting thing about being in a hotel is breakfast in bed:
I made Hagos go through the breakfast list every night for the following day, even though he assured me he wanted exactly the same thing every day.

On the second day we met up with our very old friend Shane (old as in how long we've known him, not old as in he's a geriatric). We first met Shane when we lived in London about twenty years ago. Last time we saw him was about ten years ago so it was SO nice when we arrived in the hotel bar and he and his girlfriend and children were waiting for us.

It reminded me that Hagos and I really need to move to be nearer to friends and family. We've had an ambition to move to Edinburgh for years. I think we'll have to throw a really big party when we eventually manage it!

The rest of the time we spent wandering around and having a really nice time being together.

My dilemma of what to do on the plane there and back was resolved by resorting to crochet again. The last time I crocheted was two years ago when I flew to Edinburgh. I don't know if the knitting needle restriction has been lifted on planes but I didn't want to chance it. This is what I made:
They're completely mindless to make but very quick. I think I'll make a few more and sew them together to make a cushion cover. Back it with some material.

I was glad that my confidence in flying had returned. Towards the end of touring with my husband's band about ten years ago I became nervous and anxious. And it took me four years to get in a plane after 9/11. But I really enjoyed flying to Dublin. It's totally amazing when the plane revs up for take off, drives really fast and then the ground just falls away. I find landing equally exciting.
Above is take off. Below is leaving the Irish coast on the way home again. Meg was as pleased to see me as she usually is. I think she was very well looked after by Karen while I was gone and probably didn't notice the change in butlers.

Today I'm not quite sure what to do with myself. I went a walk to Reepham Station this morning to have lunch and to get my sister's birthday card. I should really go to Sainsburys to get some food in but I don't feel like it. I might just light a fire and snuggle down with a film.

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