Saturday, June 09, 2007

Mouse, Missing in Action

Meg brought a mouse in at ten to six in the morning a couple of days ago. I always know she has a 'friend' as she brings them up to the landing outside my bedroom, where we have a little office area and my bookshelves, and it's also where I hang my CLEAN washing. For some reason Meg likes playing with her little friends in amongst this clean washing: underneath the clothes horses and in the shelves where clean bedding and towels are kept. Anyway, I get up, only the mouse's tail can be seen dangling from Meg's mouth. I usher them both downstairs, Meg goes under the kitchen table and drops the mouse. The mouse looks completely DEAD. Limp. Lifeless. Broken. So I go to the bathroom to get tissue to pick up the mouse and when I come back through Meg is eating her breakfast and the mouse is GONE. It was obviously only pretending to be dead hoping to escape. An old ruse. I couldn't find it anywhere. I even picked Meg up and walked round the living room and kitchen with her, holding her close to the ground, hoping she would pick up the scent, but she just seemed a bit puzzled.

So, two days later, the mouse is still MISSING IN ACTION. I expect a smell will reveal its hideaway eventually.

Apart from that I've been ordering and receiving more lovely material:The Kaffe Fassett 'Paperweight Algae' is to make skirts for me and Mo. It reminds me of the bracelets I had as a kid. The Amy Butler 'Eyelashes' on top is for a skirt for me. It's actually a bit more yellow than I was expecting. I thought it was more olive-coloured.

I've already finished Mo's skirt: It's really lovely, and has turned out better than the original skirt I made. I'm getting the hang of the zips now, still not perfect though but CLOSE. I know at some point I'll have to learn to make a different type of skirt or garment but for now I'm having fun with this one-and-only shape.

I also received the material to make Joyce's skirt today: I do love this coriander line. And I have to give credit to Cottonpatch. There was a slight mistake with my order and they sorted it out immediately. So I will definitely be ordering from them again.

Hagos is in Norway today. Good news is that he's flying home a week on Sunday for a couple of days, unexpectedly. They're playing in Holland early that day, so he's flying direct from Amsterdam to Norwich. Yippee!

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maggie may said...

wow those skirts are beauties!!
i love the should get all your skirt wearers to pose together! xxxxx