Thursday, February 01, 2007

Altruistic Socks

I decided to give my beady bed socks to my mother for her birthday on Saturday. I'm not sure whether she'll like them, I hope she does. I've wanted to knit her something for ages but she can't wear wool on her hands so I thought socks might be the thing! For some reason feet and legs always look stumpy when photographed with socks on. I thought this was the best shot, though you can't see the beads so well.

I did a very quick embroidery of 'MUM' on the sole in blue wool, which probably won't last very long as I did it AFTER I'd sewn up the sock so it was very difficult.

I also got her some notecards.

And wrapped them in blue tissue with pink love-heart ribbon.

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Deb said...

Hi there pretty lady, I just got round to looking at your blog. It is fantastic. You are so creative and talented. I still struggle to cast-on and don't think I will ever finish a project. Perhaps you could start a beginners workshop? I hope your mum likes her present, say happy birthday from me.
I will pop in and keep up to date with you.
Take care, lots and lots of love