Monday, February 05, 2007

Isn't She Lovely...

I figured out how to use my camera on Macro and practised it on my little kitty. She's been very aloof the last couple of days. Before that she was affectionate and friendly. Yesterday afternoon she and my husband shared the couch for a little snooze:

I've decided to do less knitting and blog-reading and more of something else. I've become too obsessed with knitting and reading other people's blogs lately. I particularly like Scandinavian knitting blogs, whether there's an English translation or not. I've always been drawn to snow and Scandinavian/Icelandic landscapes. I miss Scotland very much for the mountains and hills and lochs. The Norfolk landscape does nothing for me at all. The churches are lovely but I dislike the flatness. I like relief and movement and splendour and perspective.

I have one half-finished jumper, the fiddlesome 'Gemma':

I'm knitting it in the purple and red in the photograph, as shown in an earlier post. I also have the wool to make this:

I've put my wool in the photo too. The main colour will be dark purple, the contrasting colour will be green. I KNOW THESE COLOURS TOGETHER MEAN I WILL BE KNITTING ANOTHER PURPLE AND GREEN JUMPER. I bought the wool for this ages ago. There's just no getting away from the fact that purple and green go really well when knitted together :)

I also have the wool for three pairs of socks. And I want to make my Tapestry design. So I shall still be knitting but intend structuring my time better so I get other stuff achieved too!

Saying that, I did, of course, purchase the new Rowan magazine on Saturday and I believe it is a return to form. The last couple of magazines have been bizarre. More to do with the styling than the actual designs, possibly. Layers upon layers, making it difficult to figure out what it was in the photo that had actually been knitted. I LOVE KNITTING AND I LOVE ROWAN:

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