Saturday, February 17, 2007

Valentine's Day Chocolate Cake Massacre

I made a Valentine's Cake, based on Nigella Lawson's Easter Egg cake, for Katy who I work with. Instead of scattering the eggs willy nilly, a la Nigella, I formed them into the shape of a loveheart.

Katy made coffee for everyone at 10am, and asked the room if they thought it was too early to have chocolate cake.

A resounding NO, of course.

Everyone had a reasonably-sized piece, and ate half of it before unbuttoning their belts and exhaling loudly.

The ingredients are mainly CHOCOLATE, with eggs, sugar, butter and cream. No flour whatsoever, so it's very mousse-like.

I should have taken a photo of it, but it was devoured before I got my camera out.

I'm home alone tonight as my husband has gone to do a gig with his band in London. Meg has been following me around the house and sitting on me at every opportunity since I got back from town. She'd got very close to my husband recently. She doesn't like change!

I got an email today from Meg's previous owner, Wendy. Meg started acting strangely over a week ago and we finally figured out she was on heat. Wendy confirmed Meg has never been spayed because they wanted more ginger cats. I emailed back to say I'd drop off the kittens in nine weeks' time.

I'm off to bed at 9.30pm tonight as I really need to sleep. I'll read a bit of The Moonstone before I drop off. Until then I'm knitting more of my purple beady socks, and watching, what else, Pride and Prejudice (BBC version, of course).

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Mette said...

I wonder if the receipe is in my danish Nigella baking book! Yummy cake. Cheers, Mette,