Sunday, February 25, 2007


We went to Edinburgh on Thursday and returned today. We stayed with our friends Pete and Lynsey, and their sons, Nathan and Jason. Hagos had a meeting in Glasgow on the Saturday and I thought I may as well take the opportunity for a wee holiday.

I had hoped to visit Coco and Handknit but Pete and Lyns have moved from Bruntsfield so I only managed to view the shops wistfully on the way into town on the bus.

On Friday night we went out to dinner along with Rik, our other friend who now lives in Edinburgh with his girlfriend Jenny.

Above is Rik. He is also a live sound engineer, touring the world.

And this is Pete and Hagos. Also known as Fuselage.

I think we were all rather drunk by this point, looking at the faces! By far the prettiest was Lynsey:

It was SO nice to see everyone again, and to meet Jenny for the first time, and to spend time with Nathan who is obsessed with dinosaurs, superheroes and pooh, and Jason who smiled all the time.

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Rik said...

A superb time was had by all, looking forward to you coming back up to Edinburgh soon.