Monday, February 12, 2007

Purple Beady Socks

I've started on my next pair of beady socks. Not sure if I'll keep them for presents or for myself. I'm impressed by how quickly they knit up. The photo is a little blurry but is truer to the colour than the photos I took using flash.

I'm in my shed again today (Monday is shed day - I have a desk and lamp and books and electric fire and my laptop). I had acupuncture done on Friday and I've slept so well the last three nights. I last had acupuncture done about 15 years ago, and that was just a taster session. I really liked it. When I was leaving the shop (had it done at Neals Yard in Norwich) my balance had been affected and I fell against a wooden stand holding a book but I didn't feel unbalanced. Kind of felt like I was on a ship.

Anyway, between sleeping well and being disturbed by my little cat during the night (we think she's on heat!) I overslept this morning and got into my shed late so I've had trouble getting going today. And now it's time for lunch :)

Hasta luego.

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