Sunday, January 07, 2007

Beady Bed Socks

I'm knitting Beady Bed Socks from the Rowan Home book. Except I'm making them shorter than the recipe suggests because Anna made them to the book's specifications and the rib isn't wide enough to pull up the length of your leg. I cast on really loosely too and it just comes above my ankle so I shall knit SHORT socks, which is fine. I'm using a gorgeous red, RYC Cashsoft yarn.

I wanted to make little socks for my friend Nathan but I'll have to check out the pattern I have. I have a reindeer motif that is cute and a tradition with my Godson.

We are also drinking Glenmorangie, to remind us of home and to see in the New Year! We bought a measure yesterday in John Lewis.

We watched White Christmas yesterday, which we usually watch on our anniversary but we were busy this year. It's one of my favourite movies (my favourite is It's a Wonderful Life).

Then today we played our friend Pete at Quake, an online fighting game. I haven't played for ages, neither has Pete but it was so much fun.

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