Monday, January 15, 2007

Monday in the Shed

I'm doing the dreaded Tax Return today - not mine, my husband's. I actually enjoy doing it once I get into it, it's more the thought of it that I hate. So I have to make sure I do nice things alongside, such as listening to Just A Minute or I'm Sorry I haven't A Clue or Open Book online. Today I sort out the receipts (a huge bagfull), next day I itemise them, the next I fill in the form.

The photo above is of two drink-making things I really like (this is another small, nice distraction!). The love heart tea pot and cup I got from a disused railway station in the small town where I live. They've turned the station into a cafe and shop where you can buy all kinds of weird stuff like marmalade, gift bags, wardrobes, toys, etc, but it's all homemade or made on the premises or curio-type stuff. I love the station. The chocolatiere I got from my friend Lynsey in Edinburgh for Christmas. There is a really cool chocolate shop in Edinburgh where Lynsey buys the best drinking chocolate from: so she also gave me some of that.

I thought I may as well also upload this photo of some bootees I made a while ago. They're from the 50 Baby Bootees to Knit (or some such title), I think by Zoe Mellor? The wool is Rowan Polar, left over from my big cardigan. I made them between bigger projects while two friends were pregnant, and haven't got any further in deciding what to do with them. They're really soft and lovely and, I think, a great design. I love the buttons too.

Well, the receipts aren't sorting themselves, as I'd HOPED, so I guess I'd better do it :)

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