Saturday, January 20, 2007

Me and My Monkey

This is me working on the second beady sock with my little monkey beside me.

Sometimes she loves me so much she sticks close by me and follows me around the house wherever I go.

A second after this photo was taken she sank her claws and teeth into me! She's been getting very handy with her paws lately, ever since the cat flap was fitted.

As you can see, part of my day was taken up with me curling my hair. It took an hour and I like the result. I'd really like to have a 40's hairstyle.

We went into town for lunch today, then went to John Lewis so I could look at the wool (of course). I bought two balls of discounted Rowan Handknit DK for £1! The colour is Mango (which is obviously why it was discounted) but I thought I'd make myself another pair of slippers as my white ones have large holes in the soles and I have to wear little socks with them now to stop my feet getting cold.

They also had some orangy-yellow Cotton Glace for sale for 50p a ball. This evening I looked through my Vintage Knits book and considered what I could make. I thought about the Glace Vest or the Glace Jumper from the twinset before I came to my senses and realised I don't want an orangy-yellow jumper or vest!


Anonymous said...

Your monkey seems so sweet and then she goes and does somethiong like that. All sounds very familiar. Loving your mitterns book. Thanks for the loan. See you on Tues and have a good day off tomorrow

Anonymous said...

Hello, and thank you for visiting my blog. Sorry that I'm not always translating, but sometimes I just don't find the time to do it, and other times I'm just, well, lazy! Lovely little monkey you've got :-). Love Jeeves and Wooster, and you Brits just seem to have a good sense of humour in general :-) (yes, I'm generalizing, but that's just my impression!). Have a lovely evening!