Friday, July 06, 2012

View from the couch

This wool is so totally lovely to knit with. I'm addicted to it. Alpaca is so soft and I'm so impressed by how it's knitting up. I will definitely be buying more of it to knit another vest, maybe more socks. It's from Peru. 
Another lovely soft thing to touch is Meg, who is sleeping next to me on the couch. She started off on my lap but I had to get up briefly to make bread. Our hens come right up to our front door occasionally and Meg looks a bit put out. They 'bok' and even peck at the door, as if they want to come in. I think they like the slugs that hang around our door.
I'm on episode 4 of Borgen - the Danish political drama. I like the Danish and Scandinavian style. I like that their programmes have actors who aren't classically beautiful, and who are older, and are still sexually active! 

**Have just discovered that my new favourite yarn is from a Danish company. No wonder it's cool.**

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