Monday, July 30, 2012

Holiday - Day One

I'm on holiday from work this week, and so the days don't just merge into one long, indistinguishable blur, I want to make sure I do something every day that is enjoyable, and for fun only. I also want to clean the house and do tedious stuff like that, but I'm making sure I do lots of stuff I enjoy.

So, this morning I baked bread and dug potatoes from the garden, while listening to Desert Island Discs, with Mary Berry.
I like Mary Berry from The Great British Bake Off, one of my favourite autumn programmes on TV. She comes across as such a gentle, bright, lovely woman, and she reminds me very much of one of my writing tutors from Middlesex University.

So it was a fairly gentle, lovely programme, and she talked about one of her children dying in a car crash when he was 19 and the effect that had on her and her family. And as this is a holiday post I won't dwell on grief and its impact and how time really seems to be the only thing that eases it after a while.
We ate toffee apples.
And I knitted the capped sleeve of my winter vest, while watching a programme on Julia Bradbury walking in Iceland. Then we talked about going to Iceland on holiday, to visit friends.

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