Friday, July 20, 2012

New wool, vegetable update and the gorgeous animals

I went to K1 at lunchtime again today (that knitting shop is far too close to where I work). And I bought more 4-ply alpaca. I'm only halfway up knitting the front of my off-white alpaca jumper/winter vest. The photos show what the finished article will look like, though I'm not knitting the beads in.
The colour in the top photo is closer than this one above. I took this near the window.
This! is our onion patch. The point of weeding has long since passed! 
And our cut-and-come-again lettuce on the right never really got going.
And an update isn't an update without a gratuitous shot of Meg, with her sisters! They were all fairly happy to be near each other (with a gate between them) until I went over to talk to the hens. Meg came stalking towards me and herded me away from them. She's very jealous and wants to be the only animal in my affections.
But who could resist a bottom like that?

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