Sunday, July 01, 2012

A new hairstyle, and the two hour tolerance rule

I've been working on how to do a neat bun on myself, on and off, for a few years. I have a rubber bun-device, which works on a good day but can pull my hair quite tightly, and for a couple of years I've also had this squidgy donut ring, which I could never get to work properly - my hair ended up in a big mess! There are tutorials on You Tube showing how to use this squidgy donut device or a cut-off sock using the same principle. But my hair never cooperated.
Then yesterday I had a Eureka moment! Hair tied in a ponytail, hair through the donut ring and arranged around it, ANOTHER hair tie over the whole thing, then wrap the hair round and secure with pins. It worked a treat.
A gratuitous shot of Meg looking beautiful as always.
And her cute little feet. They're so neat and dinky. And I love that ruff!

I have long been aware that I have a two hour tolerance rule when it comes to spending time with people. I am a fairly sociable person, and look forward to seeing people and doing stuff together, but I have an internal clock that kicks in bang on two hours, which always says, that was very nice, but I want to go now. And if, for social politeness reasons, I am unable to leave or extract myself I spend the third hour feeling antsy and wondering how soon I can get away. However, rather like Cinderella, if I'm still in the social situation when the third hour strikes I have often found myself actually running away. Making my excuses and just leaving immediately. As if I will turn into a pumpkin if I stay any longer (well, it was Cinderella's carriage that turned back into a pumpkin but you know what I mean). The only person I can happily spend more than three hours with is Hagos. I think it's due to a combination of liking my own company, of always having various projects on the go and I like to get on with things and two hours really feels like enough time to catch up with friends. But it's also something to do with artifice - my own and other people's - that I find tiring after a while. It's probably why, overall, I prefer animals to humans. There is no pretence with animals. They eat, they sleep, they hunt, they cuddle (some of them) and that's it. No regrets, no hopes, no strategies for expansion, no malice or jealousy, no saying one thing and meaning another. They have presence and honesty.


Chrissy May said...

I teach kids to dance and the first thing we teach them is to make a bun! It invoves a bun net and 10 hair pins!! Scraped back and sprayed with hairspray! I think yours looks much prettier - feel free to enrol...

Paula said...

Ah, thanks Chrissy! I was pleased with it. x x x