Wednesday, July 04, 2012

New Wool

 I decided at lunchtime today - well 2pm - that I would go for a walk to K1 and treat myself to a ball of wool to knit socks with.
 It can be an expensive shop - some of the balls of wool are £12 or more for 50g, out of my price range. But I instantly fell in love with the above 4 ply alpaca, which was very reasonably priced at £4.99 a twist. It's so soft and though I usually love colour (and there was a navy blue I thought I might return for)  I was drawn to the cream twists and decided to buy them to knit a second winter vest.
 I have knitted this vest in purple Jaeger 4 ply (without the beads) and last winter it became a staple of my winter wardrobe in the cold Scottish weather! So I decided I would knit another (and maybe another) for this coming winter. It's always a good idea to knit winter items in the summer so you're ready to go once winter kicks in.
The pattern is from Vintage Knits again, by Sarah Dallas. It's still my favourite knitting book. 

While I was in K1 today I came across an American imported knitting magazine that was featuring vintage knitted items. I love stuff like that, when knitting was core to practical survival.

The yellow ball of wool I thought I'd put towards another pair of socks. I'll stroll down to John Lewis one lunchtime and buy some gorgeous yellow tweed to make another pair of stripy socks with. I think this warm yellow is my favourite colour at the moment.

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