Friday, May 18, 2012


I've been enjoying The Bridge (Danish/Swedish crime drama on BBC4) so much that I now believe I can speak Danish. Especially after watching all 30 episodes of The Killing too. 

So I present to you Sokken: The Sock! There is only one so far. I made it using leftover wool from this jumper, knitted in Jaeger 4 ply. I still miss that wool and wish it hadn't been discontinued. I like the triple stripes. I can even knit while reading subtitles and most of this sock was knitted while watching The Bridge. The final two episodes are on this weekend.

I've always been drawn to Scandinavia and I'd love to go to Iceland. A friend of Hagos has just moved there and I'm angling for a visit.

After finishing The Socks I might finish my purple and green jumper, just one sleeve to knit. And  I've still to sew together my slippers

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Mo said...

loved your sokken Paula. I can't even think of doing anything while watching The Bridge I love it as I loved Borgen and saving up the next Killing to watch after The Bridge. I dream in Swedish/Danish!!