Saturday, May 05, 2012


There's a line in a Scarlet Thomas book that says once you've had hand-knitted socks you can't do without them, or something like that. Anyway, that's how I feel about hand-knitted socks. I have two current pairs, the yellow pair with red beads, and the orange pair, BUT the yellow pair is now wearing out on the sole, so it's time to knit a new pair. Rowan has a gorgeous blue Pure Wool 4-ply out at the moment, but I thought I should make use of the leftover wool I already have, and so I chose the muted purple above and will add an occasional green and green and orange stripe to the foot. I think it looks good. No one else in the world will have socks exactly like them.
Whitmuir today. The shortbread is really delicious, and it makes me think I should make my own shortbread again, though tomorrow I will make an apple crumble for afternoon dessert with The Burnses.
I got new shoes recently. They're Campers. I really like them, though maybe not with those socks!

It isn't a good photo of me. My hair needs washed and perhaps I should have put on make up, but Meg, as always, looks beautiful. And I like taking photos of us together. Today she came in smelling of something animal-related and honking. Really awful. And the mouse body count continues to rise. But she is my little darling.

I'm still reading To The Lighthouse and enjoying it immensely. Slowly though. And while I knit I watch The Bridge. I do love those Danish/Swedish crime dramas.  I like a lot of things about the Scandinavian sensibility. On the whole, they're a pretty cool bunch. 

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Mo said...

adorable pic of you and Meg. Delia is mousing strongly at the moment had to scrub blood spots out of the carpet under her lair (chair). She never catches birds and we have lots of birds about. cats get a lot of blame for bird kills.