Saturday, May 26, 2012

The first egg

Our first egg, laid by Shelley. It reminded me of when I first started gardening many years ago and being amazed at seeing food GROW. Of course, I know that vegetables grow, and that hens lay eggs, but somehow being involved in the entire process, from planting the seed and watering my tubs every day, to the point of picking and eating a carrot or a courgette, made it all come into focus and it was amazing and awesome and almost unbelievable. Well, that's how I felt when we lifted the lid and saw the first egg today.  
The boys helped me out by holding it to show the scale of the egg. It was small but perfectly formed.
And it was still warm!
We were ecstatic to see it had a yolk! I was charged with turning it into something we could all share so I made:
Scones, glazed with Shelley's egg, and Lemon Curd, made with the remainder of Shelley's egg. We met on the lawn at 3pm and enjoyed them together. Hagos missed out on all the fun as he's been away for a few days working. Home tonight.
I'm looking forward to many more hen-associated treats in the coming weeks.


Will McCulloch said...

Who ARE those miserable, sulky looking boys...?

Paula said...

LOL- I think the sun was in their eyes. Or, maybe they were wondering how long it was going to take for the egg to be turned into something edible :)