Tuesday, May 08, 2012


We have hens!!! And we're all very excited about them. We picked them up from a farm last night. This is them arriving at their new home.
We've been talking about it for just over a year and finally, suddenly, my neighbour Chloe made a date to meet the hen woman. We have six hens shared by three houses. We've still to clarify the exact flavour of each.
The kids were very excited about them and kept saying they were very 'cute'.
Chloe popping the hens into their new home. They all seem to get on well together so far.
This isn't a great photo. It's much cosier inside than it looks, and there are five little egg-laying sections to the left. 

It's been a steep learning curve for all of us. I like to thoroughly research things before I take them on, so thankfully our neighbours are on the first week's rota for feeding and cleaning them. Hagos and I are next week. I went to the library today and got four books out on keeping hens.

They're all incredibly beautiful and vibrant and prehistoric. Gorgeous girls. The first egg will be beyond exciting :)

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mo said...

I'm really jealous I love hens parents always had them I used to collect the eggs mum made lovely cakes with them and I had favourite hens and bantams they lived for years it was lovely when they had chicks. So exciting they're lovely creatures.