Friday, May 25, 2012

Care No More

Our friends came to visit us last weekend and on Saturday we decided to visit Cairn O' Mohr, a Scottish berry wine-making company. We were lucky enough to tag onto a tour, which was great fun and ended with a tasting session.
We started off in the cafe for lunch, and I had a Ploughman's Lunch, which was really lovely and far too big for me to eat.
Every year the staff put by two bottles of each wine and keep them for ten years. Initially this was explained as being for control purposes - but later in the talk the tour guide revealed they would drink them on a Friday night!
This is me at the wine tasting. The plastic cups we were given were so tiny I initially thought they were being stingy, but then the wine flowed (lots of it) and I tried every kind, red and white, then we moved into the shop to try the sparkling wines and the cider, and a couple of others. I got very drunk very quickly. Good fun as I had a partner in crime in Ba! 
All of us at the end; we were so drunk we bought lots of wine in the shop (good ploy, wine people!). Hagos and I only bought the Strawberry wine and a bottle of cider, but our friends took orders from their friends.

It was an unexpectedly good, adventurous day. Just the kind I like.

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