Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Sewing Class Saturday

This is my neighbour Chloe. She wanted to try out my sewing machine as she's thinking of buying one for herself. She brought over some true 70s fabric to make a cushion cover.
It's been ages since I set aside an afternoon to sew in. I really enjoyed it. It's so therapeutic and the satisfaction of having something new at the end of it is lovely. I love the element of design that goes into making things too. We decided to keep the cushion cover simple and had an overlap at the back, so we didn't have to mess around with zips or buttonholes.
Et voila! The finished article. I really must get round to re-covering that chair! It clashes with everything. To think I had a whole couch in that material at one point. The chair has been with me a long time though. I bought it in my early 20s when I lived in London.

Chloe was pleased with her cushion. And the afternoon was perfectly finished off with her husband Will (hello Will!) bringing in some home-made seed bars for me and Hagos. We pounced on them straightaway. They were delicious.

I'm still recovering from gastric flu from last week. It's left me feeling a bit faint and ghost-like. It took me ages to get back to eating normally and a positive side effect has been that I've stopped eating chocolate and all other crap like Monster Munch. Things that had crept into my diet. I lost 4 lbs. Long may it last! 

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Will said...

Hello Paula! A mention in a blog: I'm Nearly Lawnmower Man....