Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Chilli plants

So the planting season is upon us and I thought I'd better get at it. These will be chilli plants (hopefully). I put three seeds in each pot. Most are Hot Aji Crystal, but we also sowed a few seeds from some shop-bought chillies as an experiment.
It felt good to get them sown, actually. Next will be tomato seeds. I've only grown tomatoes from plants before so it will be interesting to see if they work. And I need to get the rest of the garlic in and also the onions. I remember from previous years that nothing happens for ages and then it seems to be a non-stop sowing, planting, feeding etc. Harvest time is the best, of course. Though I do like just watching stuff growing and developing. My favourite time of the day used to be morning when I'd go outside in my pyjamas and look at everything.

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