Sunday, January 24, 2010

Winter Jumpers

The jumpers are knitted! Now they just have to be sewn together (one has to be pressed first), have their neckbands knitted and buttons sewn on and they will be entirely, completely and absolutely finished! I'm so looking forward to packaging them up and sending them off. I hope Nate and JJ like them!

In this state they remind me of a fish game I had when I was a child. Something to do with, the fish came in bits, like a jigsaw, and the object of the game was to put the whole fish together. I think dice were involved. The fish were all colour-coded, but I like to mix and match them, so they were multi-coloured. I won't be doing that with the jumpers.

Sewing together is my least favourite part of knitting. So I reckon - today I'll press the top jumper, then next weekend I'll knuckle down, sew the shoulders together and knit the necks, then I might save the remaining sewing together for another day. We'll see. I would like to send them off as soon as possible, before Spring arrives.

The pattern is a Sirdar, I think. The wool, as always, is Rowan. Pure Wool DK.

I've been really enjoying knitting recently. I briefly went back to my TV jumper while waiting to be able to go to John Lewis to buy an extra ball to finish Nate's jumper (I had already bought one ball over, thinking that would do but I ran out a couple of inches from the top of the sleeve. Luckily the dye lot is so close I couldn't tell where the join was). 

I've also been itching to set aside time to sew my tweed skirt, and I thought this weekend would do it, but no. Time went far too quickly for me. Next weekend for sure. 

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