Saturday, January 02, 2010

Under The Skin

So, after the excess of socialising and travel over Christmas, the days since I got home have been mostly spent with this book and this blanket (and a hearty thanks to Lemsip and Nurofen Plus).

It's more luxurious to do nothing after a hectic period. To really do nothing. I always have a list that I'm working my way through, and for the last few days I haven't tried to achieve anything at all. Some days have been spent entirely in pyjamas :) And it's been years since I spent the entire day reading.

I first read Under the Skin by Michel Faber a few years ago. I loved it because I absolutely didn't know where it was going, page by page. And I liked the language, and the ideas that emerged. I don't want to reveal anything about it as I'd really recommend reading it.

Tomorrow will be more of a back-to-normal day. But I've really enjoyed the last few days resting, sleeping, reading, watching TV with Hagos and Meg, and cuddling up under the blanket. My flu has pretty much gone.

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