Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tweed Skirt

I love tweed, particularly the more colourful and striking weaves, though I love deep plain colours too. Last summer Hagos and I came across the shop Jack Wills in Edinburgh. I loved their jackets and their knitwear and their sleepwear and their socks, and the pants were cool too. I loved most of the shop. After that I decided to make myself and Hagos winter tweed coats (because, why buy something when you can make it yourself?). I got as far as buying a Project Runway pattern for myself (previously blogged about) but no further (so far). 

My local fabric shop, Anglian Fashion Fabrics, had a small selection of tweeds in and I chose the one above to make a skirt out of. I've cut it out (pattern the ever-trusty Amy Butler A-line skirt, but shortened) and it's hanging up ready to sew. I thought I might also get a bag out of the material (I love matching items). My lovely Mulberry bag is nearing its end, but I haven't found anything to replace it with. It's perfect as it is, so I thought I might use it as a template for making the tweed bag. It won't be as sturdy, of course, but I might get a bit of use out of it, and I can always make a replacement.

My aim for the last few years has been to plan and make winter items in the summer, and summer items in the winter, so that they're all ready for the correct season, but I've fallen behind this year and am only now getting round to making my winter skirts and jumper(s). My long-sleeved TV jumper (blue with orange kidsilk haze stripe) was put on hold weeks ago while I knitted jumpers for my Godsons, Nate and JJ. As I near the end of the second jumper I remember very clearly why I stopped knitting jumpers for children older than two. It takes too damn long! And two jumpers takes twice as long. But then having someone knit you a woolly jumper is very cool. I hope they both think so when they're finally finished! 

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