Tuesday, January 05, 2010


It's so cold here in Norwich; too cold to venture far from the fire, definitely too cold to go to the gym, too cold even to go out for dinner in the evening, or go to the cinema. Motivation to get the year started is also hibernating. Now that I've recovered from the flu I have an urge to get on with things, but the weather and the temperature both say, non.  

So, apart from photographing cat and bird prints in the snow, I haven't been doing much at all. Oh, I finally finished my cord skirt yesterday: I sewed the lining around the zip, and hemmed the lining and outer. I like it, though I think for the next skirt I'll skinny it up a bit. The pattern is a bit too flarey for heavier material. But it's fine to wear at work, which is what it was made for. I want to make the next skirt in tweed.

I'm ssoooooo looking forward to the snow clearing and the warmer weather coming and the gardening season starting.  

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