Monday, April 13, 2009

Sunglasses case; and the little bird, pt 3

I had a sudden need, last night, to sew the cushion cover for the crochet block I'd made. More on all that later (a slight finishing touch is required). It was ten o'clock when I finished and I was very tired but while I had the machine out I thought I'd quickly whip up a sunglasses case, which I badly need. I have lost two now: the first case was free with my sunglasses, but the second cost £5, which seemed overpriced. So - pants fabric to the rescue.
It took less than five minutes to make, as the off-cuts from my pants just needed squaring off and sewn together. Even the leftover cord was the correct size. So, I'm fairly happy with it. I just hope the material doesn't scratch my sunglasses (doesn't seem to have so far) when I clean them, and that the material doesn't attract fluff.
Part 3 of the little bird friend chronicles: I was in the bathroom getting ready this morning when I heard a knock on the front door. At first I thought it was a person, and being undressed I hesitated to answer, but at the second tapping I realised it was our little bird friend! I stood at the entrance to the kitchen, and sure enough he was on the ledge tapping away. I was so intent looking at him that it took me a few moments to realise Meg was poised at the foot of the door waiting to pounce! The above photo was taken after she'd leapt up at him - I couldn't find my camera in time to get a photo of both of them together. She's waiting for him to return. I love that her little paw is perched on the doorstep, as close to the door as she can get.

It's really funny seeing them together. I wonder if he'll come back later or tomorrow? Makes me think of that Tom and Jerry episode where Jerry has a little bird friend who thinks he's ugly and so he tries to get Tom to eat him, only to be rescued by Jerry every time.
On Saturday night I hosted a little pre-birthday dinner. Just me and two friends. I made chicken fajitas (I was fastidious in my prepping so everything went off very smoothly), followed by homemade meringues, their bases dipped in plain chocolate, then sandwiched together with whipped cream and raspberries. They were absolutely delicious. I really should have photographed them, but didn't. I'll be making another batch to take in to my work colleagues on Wednesday so I'll photograph those. Then we watched The Piano, which Vicky and Bev hadn't seen before, and I haven't seen for years. I remember the film having a profound effect on me when I first saw it in the cinema in London. I still think Holly Hunter is amazing. And it was nice to hear some fake Scottish accents. And the little girl was amazing too. She really captured that uninhibited world that children exist in so well, in the scenes where she's playing. Of course, the whole thing was finished off with a performance by me of The Heart Asks Pleasure First on my piano (or - the first two pages, anyway), and Bev and Vicky were both satisfyingly impressed. It was a good night.

During the naked scene in the film, I couldn't help wondering if my own naked form has more in common with Harvey Keitel than Holly Hunter. Though we all agreed Harvey has a fine body, it isn't exactly a shape I aspire to! I go to the gym in an hour's time!

Oh, Bev gave me the hand and frog cutters for my birthday. I really like them.

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