Thursday, April 09, 2009

Knitting and Poetry

I love listening to the Radio. Mostly Radio 4, and usually via the internet. My first choice is always Open Book, then Bookclub, then Just a Minute (but only when Clement Freud and Paul Merton are on).

Tonight, after dinner, I decided to listen to last week's Bookclub, whose guest was Andrew Motion, talking about poetry (of course), writing, public and private ownership (of himself).

Listening to the radio and knitting complement each other perfectly. The meditative rhythm of knitting enhances listening somehow, and the enjoyment gained from listening is knitted into the garment.

Actually, more importantly, listening to Bookclub tonight restored me to myself. I had a terrible knock at the beginning of the week. Something that affected me much more than it should have. And I had recovered from it to a degree. Good art has the ability to reset me, and to remind me what is vitally important in life. It is reassuring, and I value good writing, good music, a good painting, above most other things. It enables me to transcend and gives me insight into life and humanity.

After listening to Bookclub tonight I went searching for a Ted Hughes poem, or part of a poem, that I really loved when I read it originally. The title of the poem is A Pink Wool Knitted Dress (already a winner, obviously), and the section I like goes:

In that echo-gaunt, weekday chancel
I see you
Wrestling to contain your flames
In your pink wool knitted dress
And in your eye-pupils - great cut jewels
Jostling their tear-flames, truly like big jewels
Shaken in a dice-cup and held up to me

I love the eyes being described as shaken in a dice-cup and held up to him, very evocative.

And now it's time for my bath. I must read more poetry, again.

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