Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dress Progress

I haven't felt so good this weekend. I had grand plans: trips to the garden centre, going out for coffee and a film, cleaning the WHOLE house, setting up my work back in the shed, finishing my dress - but I did hardly any of it. Yesterday at 5pm I suddenly gave in to feeling wiped out and went to bed. I think it must be the bug some of my work colleagues have been complaining of this week. It feels a bit like the beginning of the flu. I have an aching neck and head, and a sore throat, and very little energy.Anyway, what I did achieve, was to cut out my dress ready to sew. This time I'm planning to do elbow-length sleeves, and leave them un-elasticated at the bottom. So I'm looking forward to finishing it. Already my mind is wandering to the same material in deep blue that is in John Lewis...
I thought about doing the tie-sleeves; maybe next time.

And apart from some cosmetic housework for Hagos coming home from Italy, I haven't done much else except read and play the piano. I'm making myself work through my Christmas songbook, so I can learn to read the bass clef. It's going fairly well so far. SLOW, of course, but I find it doesn't take me long to pick these things up ;)
Actually, it's been a really nice weekend. There are times when I totally appreciate everything I have in the house and really enjoy being here. I'm grateful.

Meg has been enjoying the summer weather. I had the top window open most of the day, and she was up, out, down, in - up, out, down, up, in, down - so many combinations of coming in and out the house. Then after I changed the bed she fell asleep with the winter duvet wrapped all around her.

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