Sunday, April 12, 2009


Continuing my exploration of Norfolk, I went to Holt today, which is about 12 miles towards the coast from here. It's a lovely place, and I've often heard that people who move to Norfolk from London choose to live in Holt.

I've decided that while I'm living in Norfolk I'm going to enjoy it, rather than wishing I was somewhere else. There are a couple of author events coming up soon: Martin Amis at the Playhouse, and Ian McEwan at UEA, so I'll book tickets for those this week.

Above is Butlers coffee house. Two things drew me inside: the illy sign in the window, and this piano - pianos being my current theme, of course. I had a delicious coffee and read my book.

I am writing this at the kitchen table, where five minutes ago our little bird friend returned, tapping very persistently on the top window pane of the door as he perched on the wooden ledge. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Meg pounced! She leapt right up to the bird (on the inside of the glass, unfortunately for her, fortunately for the bird), which is about 2 metres high. So far, the little bird hasn't returned!

To be continued...

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Kitschen Pink said...

I'm more of Byfords girl myself - i'd kill for their Risotto after a good beach walk or Eggs benedict before a good beach walk. Either way - I"m clearly a creature of habit - maybe net time I'm try Butlers. Was there anyone to play the piano for you? t.x