Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Weekend

Some images from the weekend:
My mother was 70, so I went to Scotland to celebrate with her.
The irrepressible Keigan sliding down the bannister, with my dad holding onto him.
Endlessly walking around.
Except when we manage to persuade him to chew some pegs. We're so exhausted from taking turns to walk him we all agree the pegs are surely germ-free.
I finally finished The Amber Spyglass while I was away and looked on my childhood bookshelf for something else to read. I ended up reading a little of each of them before going to sleep and inside Pride and Prejudice my sister had written the name 'John Dempster' over and over. John Dempster was a footballer for Queen of the South when my sister was a teenager and she loved him.
And the descent back into Norfolk. And the unfathomable question, 'Why are we here?' It won't be for much longer.

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