Saturday, February 16, 2008

Time Travel

I finished Tom's Midnight Garden today and really enjoyed it. I haven't read it since I was a kid, but it soon became apparent that it must have been the springboard for The Time Traveller's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. I'd be surprised if she hadn't read Tom's Midnight Garden before writing The Time Traveller's Wife. Though she obviously developed the time travelling idea further. My bookmark, as you can see, is of a beautiful blue velvet coat by Boden, torn from its catalogue. I ordered the coat about a week ago, in the winter sale, and was excitedly anticipating its arrival. My current winter coat is so worn I really need to throw it out. But I received a letter from Boden a couple of days ago saying the coat is out of stock and I hadn't been charged. I don't usually get attached to clothes I order but I'd fallen in love with this coat and was crushed. Maybe I should try Ebay.I've had a really nice couple of days off. I'm only working three days a week until the end of March, using up the remainder of my annual leave, and it makes such a difference. Yesterday I re-joined the gym for a month and really enjoyed using my body again after the long winter. Above is Hagos and Meg resting on the couch.
And today we went into town and had lunch in Ha Ha's. This is my view under the table. Afterwards we did a bit of shopping in town and went to the library. I bought some healthy snacks from Tropical Wholefoods as part of my trying-to-lose-some-weight regime. The fruit used in the snacks is all sun dried, NO preservatives or sugar! I saw some dried mango in Sainsburys yesterday and picked it up, thinking it was 100% mango, but it had sulpher-something preservative in it! I actually used to work for Tropical Wholefoods in the summer during my first degree in London. The people who set up the company, Kate and Adam, are friends of a friend. The food they produce is all so amazingly delicious I would often return half my wages for produce! And they gave me stuff at cost price. One particularly good product was sun dried mango dipped in organic chocolate! Ah, it was out of this world. These bars are pretty good too.

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