Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Chilli seeds

Hagos's brother gave us chilli seeds as part of our Christmas present this year. 10 packs of 20 seeds in each pack. That's a LOT of chillis. And we absolutely love chillis, but the instructions say, 'best grown in a polytunnel or greenhouse', neither of which we have... And then you have to repot them all every coupla months. And, you know, Sainsburys sells them ready grown...
So we're adopting out our chilli seeds to Janie (accordion player extraordinaire), who has experience, and a solid track record, of growing things you can then eat. We've asked to be given a share of the crop, so, everybody's a winner!
Seriously though, they do look fab, and it is an ambition of mine to grow stuff one day. In the future.

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