Saturday, September 01, 2007

There's no place like home...

I love this photo, even though the glare makes it difficult to see. The cheesy grins are superb! This is Hagos and our friend Nathan posing inside our other friend Rik's camper van. We all coveted the camper van and took turns sitting in every seat and dreaming of holidaying in Scotland.

We were in Scotland for the wedding of our friends Sam and Kev who were married beside a lake by a Humanist minister.Hagos and Lynsey en route to the lake. Hagos is wearing a 21st Century Kilt with a Vivienne Westwood glow-in-the-dark skeleton, long-sleeved T-shirt, and Lynsey is wearing a lovely polka dot dress. Pete was one of the Best Men (there were three altogether) so had gone ahead to help prepare things.

I particularly like Humanist ceremonies as they focus on what is really important in life (family, friends; the importance of love and friendship in marriage) and are more personal.

After the ceremony we all headed back across the field and had a lovely dinner in a converted barn, then danced celidh dances for most of the night. The first dance was the Gay Gordons, which is my and Hagos's favourite. We're particularly good at it and danced it in the kitchen on our own wedding day.

Sam and Kev impressed and surprised everyone during their first dance. It started off slow and smoochy as usual, then there was a pause, they turned their backs to everyone and broke into a synchronised bhangra dance. It was so cool. They'd been practising since January, it later transpired. A rather dark photo, but it shows the amazing individual chocolate cakes they had instead of a wedding cake. Really delicious. Waiting for the bride.
And as a happily married man.

I went to Scotland the week before the wedding to see my folks. As a result of circumstance, I also got to meet LOTS of relations that I don't usually see. Literally, we have hundreds of relatives and it seemed they all appeared over the five days I was at home. I also got to meet Keigan for the first time. He is very bouncy, always on the move, and has a knowing look on his face all the time, as if he's sussed out everything. He's very cute. I'll take a still from some video I shot of him and post next time. A photo of my mother when she was a girl. It could easily be me. I was probably still blonde at that age though. I've never felt the distance from home more keenly than I did on this trip. I miss my family and friends. And the land too.

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