Saturday, September 22, 2007

Meg, Meg, Meg, Selvedge and Donna Tartt

Meg hunting (lazily) for birds in the bush. Sometimes she crawls into the bush to lie in wait.
But mostly she just sits on the coal bunker and moves her head from side to side.
The new Selvedge magazine. I'm looking forward to November's issue, whose theme is Scandinavia and Christmas!
So far I'm enjoying The Little Friend. Though the font is tiny. Must be 7 or 8 point.

I can't show what else I'm making until November, though I'd really love to as I'm so impressed by how quickly and easily it's come together.

I have nothing I'm sewing at the moment. The fabric I ordered from Cotton Patch about a month ago hasn't turned up yet. They said they'll send it when it comes in but maybe I'll have to order other stuff. I'm thinking of making the pyjama bottoms from In Stitches. I've found material I really like, a light cotton with random circles on it. Also thinking about making placemats and coasters from bend-the-rules sewing. Thought I could mainly use linen, with a bit of Amy Butler fabric in the middle square, then embroider different things either side of it on each one. Hm, that wasn't very well explained, but I'm tired.

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