Sunday, September 09, 2007

'Algae' necklace

It was Mo's birthday yesterday, and I decided to make her a present to match her skirt. Here it is all wrapped up complete with a ginger guard!

I think every little girl must've had bracelets made out of these beads? They were certainly popular circa 1975 in the south of Scotland. That's why I love the Kaffe Fassett material so much.

And at risk of Mo seeing my blog before getting her present, here is the finished article: I used to do a lot of beading and necklace-making, inspired by my friend Kerstin. There was a lovely bead shop in Covent Garden I got my supplies from. I still have an organised tub full of beads, mainly little ones now. I've used most of my semi-precious stones over the years. I still like choosing colours and knotting the thread. You can't see it in this photo but I used little beads either side of the flowers. So if it was a black flower, I used blue, green and red beads either side. If it was a red flower, I used black green and blue beads either side, to complement it, see?

We've had a lovely day lazing around at home, pottering, doing stuff, reading, writing, bathing, cuddling the cat.

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HildeS. said...

Beautiful neclace you have made to match the skirt.
Your cat are just like one I had long time ago. Sokrates was his name.
Now we have one black and white, called Rasmus.
Have a nice day:o)