Monday, July 30, 2007

Meg and Meg

That look says it all! We woke her up to take a photo of her alongside my husband's new guitar (which he has named Meg, because it looks like Meg).

Yesterday morning we were woken up by her jumping around on the landing outside our bedroom door. The landing is kind of her play area. We've started shutting her out of our bedroom at night because we were being woken up by her four or five times a night as she came in and out and went exploring round the bedroom etc. Anyway, she sometimes jumps around to get our attention and to try to get us to open the door, so usually I ignore it, but yesterday morning I could just tell she had a 'friend' in with her.

I got up to find a sweet wee mouse lying by her feet and Meg looked at me all happily.

The mouse looked convincingly dead, so I herded Meg downstairs (avec mouse in her mouth) and tried to shoo her out the door but she stubbornly sat by the kitchen cupboard and HEAD FIRST started to chew the mouse. Ugh, it turned my stomach. I picked her up and carried her out the door. It was only when I'd put her out that I realised she'd dropped what was left of the mouse - its entrails, which were about a metre long! and what looked like its liver. Thankfully my husband turned up to help clear this up and I bleached the floor! Yuck.


Hilde said...

Thank you for your comments on my blog! Funny story about your cat and the mouse. We have mouse in our countryhouse... and they are very much alive... The skirt to your sister is pretty, I hope she like it!

Anonymous said...

The skirt is beautiful. Amy.