Monday, July 30, 2007

Sister Skirt

I finished my sister's birthday skirt. It took me two weeks to pluck up the courage to make it. I knew from experience (the Eyelash skirt) that if I tried to make it when I wasn't in the mood it would be rubbish. The result is I think it's the best skirt I've ever made. This is the waist band, which I'm particularly pleased with. I wanted to improve my skirt-making techniques as it is a present for my sister's birthday so I decided to make the waist band in the same material instead of sewing on arbitrary strips as I did with Joyce and Mo's skirts, though I still think they look really cool. I also used interfacing for the first time ever (woo hoo) and I doubled-up the hem so there are no scraggly ends (sorry Joyce and Mo!). I also thought the zip was the best I've ever fitted, thanks to Anna's advice of sewing the seam first, then inserting the zip, instead of the other way round. The colours in the photos haven't turned out particularly well. The material is really vibrant, mustard and olive, it's absolutely beautiful and radiates in natural light. I found this gorgeous trim on Saturday in a little craft shop. The colours are beautiful. I don't know what I'll use it for but I couldn't resist buying it.

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