Saturday, July 14, 2007

Is she, or isn't she...?

Yes, she is wearing Crocs!

After much um-ing and ah-ing my husband finally persuaded me to buy them midweek. Though I love colour I decided to go for black, thinking I'd be able to wear them with anything. Unlike Anna who bought orange Crocs!I also received a backdated edition of Selvedge, and the latest edition of Selvedge in the post. The backdated edition has a feature on wool from the Scottish Borders, which is where I hail from, and it made me yearn for home, and wool, and a kilt!It's felt so wintry lately that my thoughts turned to my Winter 07 accessories, i.e. hat, scarf and mittens. I thought I'd like a new colour scheme and finally landed on black and red. Then today I priced up how much they would cost me to make: £30, and how much time it would take me to knit: too much, and I think I might stick with last year's accessories for another year instead. I finally finished my Eyelash skirt today. I only had the waist band to sew in place. I'm not sure if I like it or not. I think the material is too yellow for me. It looked greeny-olive when I bought it online. And I really need to learn how to make a proper waist band. It's my sister's birthday tomorrow, and I had promised to make her a skirt in Amy Butler's Coriander Olive, the same material I made Joyce's skirt with, but it's been late arriving, so she will be a week late getting it. I think once I've done that, and made my Paperweight Algae skirt, I really need to move onto another pattern. This one's beginning to bug me. I want to make an elasticated top like the one SouleMama made a while ago.

Hagos has gone on tour again, for a week. I dropped him at Norwich Airport this morning at 5am!! We left the house at 4.30am. And went to bed at 11pm! So, knackered.

Finally, a gratuitous photo of Meg, who is much recovered and sweet after her op: I love when her head is tucked into her feet!

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