Monday, March 12, 2007

The Ginger Princess, and Beautiful Blue

I know I said I had gone off knitting but I saw the new range of colours in John Lewis on Saturday and fell in love with this blue Rowan Handknit DK. It's so gorgeous and I've been needing a toiletries bag for ages so decided to make one. The colour is slightly deeper than the photo shows. I'll knit two sides, do a picot edging at the top, sew them together and then line it with either waterproof or cotton lining, depending on whether I can find waterproof lining anywhere! I'll also make some little holes near the top so I can thread through some cord and get one of those little (I don't know what they're called) things to keep it bunched up. I'll buy one, photograph it and stick it on here.

I'm in my shed again today. This is just a quickie post before I get on with what I want to do today.

We bought a juicer at the weekend and have been juicing a ton of fruit every day since. It's SO great. My favourite is apple, pear and ginger but I also like orange juice a lot.

My little cat is showing no signs of being pregnant now. I'm still hopeful though. She can use her cat flap perfectly fine, but when we're around she likes to be butlered through. This is the Ginger Princess waiting for me to open the flap to let her in:
She's SO beautiful. What you can't see from the photograph, though, is the trail of blood along the bottom of the flap where she's dragged her mice into the house. She's such a cold, calculated killer, but SO cute!

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jen said...

That blue cotton is my favourite shade at the moment, kind of a smoky blue - very nice! Also your kitty is very sweet!