Sunday, September 03, 2006

Purple cosy jacket

This is also from a back issue of one of the Rowan magazines, also knitted in Rowan Polar, also bought from Cucumberpatch. Again, I had one ball left over from what the pattern said.

As you can see, it's fairly pookie, and big clumps of wool hang off the cardigan all the time, though I constantly pull them off. I think that's the reason Polar was discontinued and the Rowan team produced a more reliable chunky wool in its place.

No matter, I got the wool at a good price (£3.50 a ball) and it is the cosiest thing I own. I like that it buttons right up my neck, so no need for a scarf. All four pockets are obsolete and if I knitted it again I'd probably keep the bottom pockets but lose the top ones.

I spent a long time choosing the buttons as I didn't want something that dominated the jacket. I like the ones I chose as they're bold but don't overpower and they remind me of granny-sweets as they're coloured and semi-transparent.

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