Sunday, September 10, 2006

Ongoing Projects

This is my third "TV jumper". As you can see, I've finished the back, am currently working on the front but I often stop to work on other things so it'll probably be finished by Christmas.

I forgot to say in my other posts about the TV jumper: the first one I knitted (the purple one) was slightly short for wearing with jeans, though it's okay with skirts, so I added 20 rows to the second jumper (the blue one), and have added 20 rows to this one too. There is enough yarn in the 5 balls of wool to do this.

This is another ongoing project, "Gemma", taken from one of the Rowan magazines (number 38, perhaps?). This is the sleeve. I knitted the sleeves first because the detail at the bottom of the sleeve covers the whole of the front and back so I thought I'd better practise. It took me a while to get the hang of dropping the loops off, and there is no mention in the pattern of WHAT I'M SUPPOSED TO DO WITH ALL THE ENDS.

After reading Jen's blog, xtreme knitting, I will attempt it on a circular needle when I next have the patience to work on it. I've completed both sleeves and part of the back:

The colours on the sleeve are a truer representation than the colours on the back. It will be stunning when it's finished but progress is slow so I expect it will take me another two years to finish it.

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