Sunday, September 03, 2006

Blue and Purple Winter Wear

These are my (almost) finished winter accessories. The purple looks darker in the photo than it actually is . I finished the hat (taken from Rowan's Little Book of Big Accessories) mid-week and spent some of yesterday finishing the body of the second mitten.

Although I have the Folk Mittens book, the pattern I used for these mittens was given to me by a Danish friend who had got the pattern from a magazine back home. She photocopied the pattern and translated it!

The pattern for the scarf was taken and adapted from Vintage Knits. I used Rowan Calmer instead of a 4 ply as I wanted a chunkier (and less time consuming) scarf. I also 1 x 1 ribbed the middle section of the scarf so it would be double sided.

The hat is knitted in Big Wool. The Mittens are knitted in Jaegar 4 ply. I just have the thumbs to finish and then my winter knitwear accessories will be complete. I didn't want the hat to have too much blue in it so just added some blue Big Wool to the pom poms.

This is the first time I've successfully knitted using more than one colour. I can cable beautifully but multi-colour skill has always eluded me so I'm quite pleased with these. I will definitely knit another pair of mittens, however, these have been more than a year in the making as it requires complete concentration when following the pattern. The second mitten is also better than the first as I'd learned how to knit a looser tension. It won't be too noticeable when I'm wearing them but my next attempt will be better.

I had considered making mittens for my friends for Christmas but, frankly, it's too much work!

That's all my knitting for now, and that's me up-to-date with what I have here to show you. Maybe next week I'll pull out the projects I'm working on (currently TWO).


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Angifreak said...


After trying to rope Hagos into a conversation on knitting (and not succeeding), I leave you a comment. I love the mittens -- I feel that type of pattern is beyond the scope of my comprehension -- kudos to you! I'm still knitting bunnies but I'll have downtime to get holiday hats done. I'm going to try and do the sock monkey hat on next. Clearly I need medication.