Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sledging! And other snowy things.

Hagos is off recording today, so I decided to go sledging by myself. Isn't this the most amazing view from the top of the hill? With the Pentland Hills straight ahead. I laugh all the way from the top till long after I've reached the bottom.
I had no steering skills, so when I tried to follow my previous route down on the second run to avoid getting covered in snow, it didn't work.  I managed four runs all together. I could've played there all day, except for having to climb back up the hill each time.
Usually when I open the hen house door the hens all come running out in a hurry, but today they all stood in the doorway looking at the snow. Finally Arrow was brave enough to fly out, and land in the water. I do feel sorry for them though. They stand on one leg and tuck the other into their feathery belly to keep it warm, and then change feet. And they were shivering too. 
If you look closely under the table, beside the feeding bowl, you will see a sweet little robin. I counted three robins flying in and around the hen run today when I let the hens out. I think I've said before that as well as feeding the hens, we also get robins, pheasants, blackbirds and squirrels eating the layer pellets. They are so beautiful, and it's lovely to see a splash of such vivid red on a winter's day (the camera didn't pick it up though). 
Bow taking tentative steps in the snow.
And three of the seven eggs we got today. I love these top-down perspective shots. I might print out a series of them and hang them on my walls.

What a lovely day!

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