Saturday, January 05, 2013

Knitting mania

These three jumpers are all finished. I just have to sew them together and knit the neck. But instead of doing that (because sewing up is my least favourite part of the knitting process) I decided to start knitting a new pair of socks instead.
I got the blue wool from the John Lewis sale - half price! Four balls. It's Rowan Cashsoft 4 ply. Lovely, soft wool. I've had the reindeer motif for years, meaning to knit it into a pair of socks, and this is me just getting round to it. The blue and white colours are for the Scottish flag.

Hagos and I have been watching Dexter recently - the American series about a serial killer, but he only kills bad guys so that's okay. The main character is played by the actor who played the younger brother in Six Feet Under. It took me 8 episodes to get into it, now I love it. 

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