Monday, January 14, 2013

Delight - Departing Guests

I had a great weekend. On Saturday my sister and her husband drove up to Edinburgh and we met them at Whitmuir Organic Cafe and had coffee and cake, then came home to have lunch and a country walk. Then on Sunday our friends came over and we had lunch, then a snowball fight, then some sledging (which I LOVED), then other friends came over and we had a bonfire.
I had the foresight to take today off work, as, much as I love seeing people and doing stuff, I know myself well enough to know I need time to myself. My 'two hour rule' was vastly overstretched this weekend so today is all about engaging with nobody outside of my little family unit: my husband and my cat and my hens :)
It brings to mind one of the sections in JB Priestley's 'Delight' book, where he describes one of the things in life that brings him delight as 'Departing Guests'. I know exactly what he means. I appreciate spending time with the people I like, and I love coming back to myself and my own thoughts and interests. 

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