Tuesday, January 01, 2013

December 31st

Traditionally (since we moved to Scotland) we spend New Year's Eve with our friends. This was us lining up for our annual group photograph. The kids often move at the last minute so this was quite a success.
I wish I'd known it was going to be a Onesie party, I'd have bought the cat Onesie from Primark to wear. The boys looked great in theirs though.
Nate particularly is fascinated by Hagos's beard. He likes to stroke it, and ask questions about it. Hagos endures it as best he can.
Though it can be a bit overwhelming!

We didn't stay for the bells last night, as H has had a bad cold over the past few days. Expending any energy seems to knock him right back. But we stayed long enough to play Family Pictionary. We like playing normal Pictionary, but when I discovered there is a version with adult and child cards I thought I'd get it for JJ's Christmas, as he really likes the game. The first thing he drew was Peppa Pig, guessed rather swiftly by team effort from me and Lynsey. JJ insisted on drawing George to accompany Peppa Pig, which prolonged the game somewhat (he completed every drawing he did, even after we'd guessed correctly). 

My favourite part of the game was when Nate declared, "I don't want to be beaten by a tiger and two ladies." Obviously that kind of talk stirred our competitive spirit and spurred us on to overtake the boys' team on the board and win the game on the final All Play square.
This was the hens' treat yesterday: porridge with kiwi fruit. There are 15 of them now, though the newbies haven't worked their way into the pecking order yet, so I have to scoop out a little portion for them to the side. Most of the others can fend for themselves but I sometimes have to help out Malcolm and Lady Emma too, though they are getting braver. 

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