Thursday, January 19, 2012

Gemma, by Laura Long

I finally finished Gemma tonight while watching TV. I thought it would take me ages to deal with all the loose ends, but I eventually just tied them together 8 times, hoping they won't come undone in the wash, and only sewed in the ends at the very bottom of the hem. There were too many to deal with and so after six years it's finally, absolutely, completely and totally finished. I originally posted about it right at the beginning of this blog, here.
So the inside doesn't look pretty, but no one except me will know once I have it on. I've already talked about the colours not really being my colours (pastel purple???), and I only chose them because the photograph in the Rowan book was so seductive. Anyway, I'm glad it's finished. (My little assistant got in on the act as usual when I was taking photos, nudging me so there were lots of blurry shots.)
All in all, I'm pleased with it. It's lovely and soft, and I don't have anything else like it.

I did look on Ravelry and discovered pretty much everyone on there who has knitted Gemma had the same problems as me with the ends. Laura Long could easily have given clear directions on that from the start. Anyway, it's finished.

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